HTM 01-05 compliant ultrasonic cleaner

There’s lots of talk about dental surgeries having to be “HTM 01-05 compliant“. It’s a good thing and in summary it ensures cleanliness is of uppermost importance in the way instruments are cleaned.

What is an HTM 01-05 compliant ultrasonic cleaner?

The machine needs to be able to record every time the machine is used and detail the date / time, name of the user, serial number, unique cycle number, and fluid temperature.

Where can I buy an HTM 01-05 compliant ultrasonic cleaner?

Obviously I’m going to suggest our website and THIS MODEL

When it comes to ultrasonic cleaners, the machines need to be of a certain standard and must have the functionality of recording and storing data for each and every time the machine has been used. This creates a log that should the CQC (Care Quality Commission) come to pay you a visit, you can produce historical records to prove you’ve been doing things correctly, over time.

We are delighted to now offer an ultrasonic cleaner that is 100% HTM 01-05 compliant.

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HTM0105 compliant ultrasonic cleaner
HTM0105 compliant ultrasonic cleaner (2.5 L)

Specification – HTM 01-05 compliant ultrasonic cleaner

  • HTM 0105 compliant
  • Stainless steel construction
  • No / low fluid sensor
  • Adjustable maximum temperature setting to prevent coagulation of proteins
  • Interlocking lid
  • Validation of cycle with user, serial number, date, time, unique cycle number, fluid temperature and power consumption
  • Automatic degas cycle after cleaning fluid has been changed
  • PIC chip technology – can be reprogrammed if required
  • Waterproof USB socket for transfer of information to PC
  • RS232 port for printing of results on printer
  • Made in the UK
  • Complies with BSEN 61010-1
  • Save log to memory stick
  • Insert a Bluetooth adaptor and send logs to your PC
  • Enhanced frequency control -controls the units power and frequency.
  • Easy to use menu functions.

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