Ultrasonic Cleaner specification chart

Ultrasonic Cleaners – a model size and specification comparison chart.

Confused about which model to buy?

Choosing which model of Ultrasonic Cleaner to purchase can be a little confusing with so many models, options, functions and sizes. To make the decision process a little easier, I’ve put together an Ultrasonic cleaner technical comparison chart for each size and model from the “Professional” category on the Best Ultrasonic Cleaner website. In the left hand column is the size (capacity) of each Ultrasonic Cleaner, followed by the specification etc.

A spreadsheet chart comparing technical specifications of different size ultrasonic cleaners.
Ultrasonic cleaner model comparison chart

Size matters.

When deciding which ultrasonic cleaner to buy, make sure your component will fit inside the basket dimensions shown in the chart above. For current pricing, you will need to visit our UK website.

 If you have any questions or need any help, please don’t hesitate to call:

01706 950112 (UK).

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6 thoughts on “Ultrasonic Cleaner specification chart”

  1. Sorry but could you suggest what size ultrasonic cleaner will i need to clean a twin carburettor off a honda cx500?

  2. Hi Nik. The deciding factor is not the price, its the size that matters. Its no good getting a lower cost machine if your carb won’t fit in it!

    Measure what you need to clean and then find the basket size that will hold it.

  3. Bill, Regarding your u-cleaners, do you have an Agent in Canada? also on your sizing chart an I right in assuming the measurements are L by W by Depth?

    Regards Don.

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