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Thanks for visiting visit Best Ultrasonic Cleaner blog. The information here is to add more than just technical specifications and prices that can be found on our main website. Ultrasonic cleaners have many applications and over time I’ll be adding reports showing our machines being used in different ways. On the right-hand side of each page you will find a search box, so it is easy to dig out what you are looking for.

On each page, in the top left hand side of this blog, there is an icon showing a speaker symbol. Click on the symbol and the page content will be read out loud to you in English. This is not only for the benefit of the visually impaired, but sometimes it’s easier to listen, rather than read.

A little information about me.

With a background rooted in engineering and having worked in several different industries over the years, I love finding technical solutions to problems. So, if you are unsure if an ultrasonic bath will help in whatever line of work or industry you’re involved in, or need some advice on which particular cleaning fluid to buy, please do ‘phone. I’m always more than happy to have a chat (01706 950112).

At 50 something years old, I’m a little “old school” and in this fast moving eCommerce World of automated emails, “copy and paste” replies, Facebook and Twitter that we live in, I think a real conversation for five minutes can be worth ten emails – and gets things done a lot quicker. I’m an honest and straight forward kind of person and if I think that one of the ultrasonic cleaners, (or any other item we supply) won’t help you, I’ll say so and you’ll get fair and unbiased advise.


About us

Best Ultrasonic Cleaners Ltd are based in West Yorkshire, UK . We are VAT registered and offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic cleaners for both home and commercial use. On our website you’ll find the following main categories of cleaner:

Although an Ultrasonic Cleaner and bath may come in many sizes and price levels, ranging from £30 up to £3000, they all work on the same principle of using ultrasonic waves to create microscopic bubbles in water to blast away dirt and grime.

All machines have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you do have a problem after parting with your money, it will for certain be sorted out. You can be assured of a prompt and professional service at all times.

The internet can be quite impersonal, with faceless sellers sending automated emails. If you have a question about any of the ultrasonic cleaners, or want to place your order over the phone, please do not hesitate to call.

And what do I do when not talking about ultrasonic equipment? I take photographs, make wine and ride motorbikes – not always in that particular order. Now, I’ll talk about those subjects until the cows come home.


Bill Pilkington.


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2 thoughts on “Best Ultrasonic Cleaner blog”

  1. Hi, I rebuild old motorbikes and want to reuse as many nuts and bolts as possible, the bikes I restore and ride are 30-40 years old genserally and Japanese origin, can you recommend a cleaner to remove rust and grime and will I get back to the original finish, within reason! I’d also like the ability to clean a carb, this is a hobby so won’t be working hard.

    1. Hi Mike,

      It depends how badly corroded your nuts and bolts are. Ultrasonic cleaning is not an aggressive process and not a replacement for elbow grease. In other words, if you need to use a wire brush to remove the rust, then an ultrasonic cleaner generally won’t help. If your bits and pieces are lightly corroded, but mainly covered in oil and grease the results should be great, but getting a 30 year old bolt to its original finish is a going to be a challenge.

      Ultrasonic cleaners are fantastic for getting into the “nooks and crannies” of carburettors that you can’t clean by hand. The combination of the machine and correct fluid will bring fantastic results.

      As for the size of machine, you need to measure the dimensions of the biggest thing you might want to put inside the machine and then find a machine to suit those dimensions. The models should be the ones to look at for single carbs. 3 Ltr and 6 Ltr


      Bill Pilkington

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