£20 cashback for any customer

£20 cashback for your photos of our ultrasonic cleaners

£20 note sticking out of a rear jeans pocket

£20 note sticking out of a rear jeans pocket

It couldn’t be easier to get £20 back into your wallet. All it takes is 5 minutes of your time.

We would love to see photos of our Ultrasonic Cleaner being used by you. You might be cleaning jewellery, dental instruments, car parts, scuba diving equipment, motorbike carburettors or whatever. It could be in the workshop, garage or your kitchen. The more unusual the better!

If you can take a “before & after” photo, that would be fantastic.

carburettors before and after cleaning

Simply email a couple of clear photos that we can either add to our blog or website showing what you are doing with our machines. And in return, you’ll get £20 refunded back to your credit or debit card, Paypal account etc. within 24 hrs.

Most mobile phones take excellent photographs, so you don’t need to turn your home into a studio. Just a few rules:

1). Photos must be sent with 30 days from delivery of the cleaner.

2). Photos must to be of good enough quality to add to our website.

3. This offer applies to purchases of Ultrasonic Cleaning machines (not cleaning fluid).

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One thought on “£20 cashback for any customer”

  1. bit noisier than my other cleaner but it does a better job I would have liked the basket to have had smaller holes some of my 44mag cases poke through

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