ultrasonic cleaner with dual frequency

A new product line for us is an ultrasonic cleaner with dual frequency. With two different ultrasonic frequencies cleaning your component, you will get the very best and most thorough clean possible.

Typically, standard ultrasonic cleaners work on just one fixed frequency of 40 Khz. This great for general purpose cleaning or where fine detail such as small holes and ports need to be reached as you would find in a carburettor. Jewellery is another good example of where 40 Khz cleans very well.


  • Digital readout
  • Dual ultrasonic frequency (28 Khz / 40 Khz)
  • Degassing

However, when it comes to cleaning larger surface areas such as engine casings or carburettor bodies, 28 Khz is preferable. The model show above is a 27 litre tank which is a better capacity for cylinder heads an banks of carburettors of large motorcycles. Also this dual frequency ultrasonic cleaner has degassing which removes the minute air bubbles from the fluid which makes it work as efficiently as possible.

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Ultrasonic cleaner with touch screen & degassing

The new ultrasonic cleaner from GT Sonic with degassing and touch screen control for the time and temperature. The “S” series, has a black satin finish in stainless steel.

 touch screen ultrasonic cleaner.

GT Sonic ultrasonic cleaners with touch control and degassing

If you could ever use the word “sexy” to describe an ultrasonic cleaner, the latest ultrasonic range from GT Sonic would be it. With touch screen control of the time and temperature settings, the “S” series ultrasonic tank has a black satin finish in stainless steel. This latest model has degassing for rapid removal of air from the cleaning fluid. As a result, this gives a thorough and deep clean because the fluid is working as efficiently as possible.

model specification chart

touch screen ultrasonic cleaner specification chart

The machines are available in 2, 3, 6 and 9 Litre sizes. All of the ultrasonic cleaners have a digital LED readout with touch screen controls and degassing, along with a stainless steel tank and body. The ultrasonic bath will remove dirt and most physical matter and can be be used for many applications including cleaning electronic and mechanical parts. For the best results always use an appropriate cleaning fluid or solvent suitable for the item being cleaned. The black satin finish is easy to clean and scratch resistant. Click HERE to see one an ultrasonic cleaner being used by one of our customers who was rebuilding a vintage car.


  • Titanium black, satin finish stainless steel – scratch resistant.
  • No fingerprints left on the surface and very easy to clean.
  • Advanced smart touch panel operation.
  • Sensitive touch operation (high switching speed under 150 ms.)
  • Touch screen temperature adjustment: 30-80 degrees C (in 5 degree steps).
  • Touch screen timer: 1-99 minutes.
  • Degassing mode.
  • Includes stainless steel wire basket and tank lid.


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