Honda CB 350 / 4 ultrasonic carburettor cleaning

One of our customers kindly sent some photographs of his Honda CB350 / 4 carburettors before and after cleaning with an ultrasonic cleaner.

One of our customers kindly emailed some photographs of his Honda CB350/4  carburettor before and after being cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. The text below is from his email.

I Just used my 6 Ltr ultrasonic bath for the first time on some old carbs. The carbs are from a 1972 Honda CB350/4 and they were all quite badly gummed up. I used the carb cleaning solution diluted as instructed (10:1) and heated the water to 65 centigrade. I cleaned them (the bike has 4) one at a time for just 20 minutes each. Please find attached 5 before and 5 after pictures of the dirtiest carburettor.  Regards, Peter“. Honda CB350/4 carburettor cleaning.

The model Peter bought was a 6 Ltr ultrasonic cleaner with a simple dial adjustment for the time and temperature control. The carburettor cleaning fluid was included free.

DK Sonic 6 Ltr digital ultrasonic cleaner with dial control

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