Carburettor cleaner

Our carburettor cleaning fluid has been formulated specifically for use in an ultrasonic cleaner and works very well with carburettors, valves, fuel injectors, engine parts etc. It gives amazing results with many alloys used for engine casings such as cylinder heads, crank cases, rocker covers etc. It safely and quickly removes contaminants including general ageing, soiling and dulling, oxidation, carbon, petrol residue and grease etc. It works very well on alloys and aluminium castings, not only removing the physical dirt, but also it visually (cosmetically) brightens dulling that occurs over time. NOTE: Obviously it can’t make a component look better than it did when it first left the manufacturer’s factory way-back-when, but normally the end results are very impressive. The cleaning process won’t damage, corrode or darken metal components. The solution is safe on brass, aluminium and other sensitive metals. It’s also safe with rubber O rings (provided that the “O” ring hasn’t started to perish). Mix the concentrate 1 part solution to 10 parts water. (1 litre bottle makes 10 litre of working solution).

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